About Us

We Add Positive Motivation to Your Recovery Efforts

Compassion, a positive attitude and a one-on-one hands-on approach go a long way. We care, and we show it. We’re enthusiastic, motivated and positive with our patients. We always take the time to explain procedures and recommendations thoroughly.

We also provide thorough exams, discuss options, explain programs and answer your questions. We never rush you. Your personal physical therapist will be there, right beside you, every step of the way.

The result of all this personal care: We have a long list of satisfied patients and doctors who frequently refer their family members and friends to us-so we can return them to work, sports and daily life, quickly and safely.

We Keep You and Your Referring Physician Informed

Once you are referred to us, we keep your physician informed of our findings, your progress and your next steps. We discuss your diagnosis and coordinate treatment recommendations with your referring physician and make referrals to other healthcare professionals, as needed. You’re always assured of the treatment your physical therapist and your physician agree is right for you.

Extraordinary Patient First Care and Professionalism Set Us Apart

It takes a highly trained and licensed physical therapist to give you the help you need and ensure the best possible results. That’s why our staff includes licensed physical therapists with advanced certifications that stay with you from start to finish.

We Also Realize That You Have Enough to Handle When You’re Hurt

  • That’s why we make the time you spend with us more convenient:
  • Minimal waiting for appointments
  • New patients seen in a timely manner
  • Early morning appointments
  • Convenient locations
  • On-site fitness equipment
  • Most insurance accepted and filed
  • Handicapped-accessible

As for any tests, treatments or special programs not covered by your insurance, we offer flexible payment plans.

Add it all together, and you have a good idea why we’re different…and so much better for you!